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My YouTube channel is a place for us elders and our friends to connect and talk about the sort of things we want to talk about!

I’m back with a relaunch of my YouTube channel that’s gonna have all kinds of fun and serious content, with the aim of helping us really build up this community we got going.

I decided to become an Internet Sensation because I didn’t feel like us elders had a corner on the internet to connect. I thought - well that isn’t fair! So I made this YouTube channel as a place to create content that was by and for elders. My channel is always a work in progress because I want to make sure all of y’all enjoy it!

I took a little break from the channel in 2018 to think about what I wanted it to be - and I started to think about traditional TV. And then it hit me - what if I structured my channel a little more like a TV channel, like the BBC or Bravo?? What if my channel had a bunch of different shows, like how the BBC has Doctor Who, and the Graham Norton Show, and the news - and each show is both self contained and part of a larger channel?! And those shows could be created by me and my friends!!

Over to your right is a selection of some of the Shows I’ve got going for now. I would love for you to join us in this incredible journey to create a place for elders on YouTube and the internet, so subscribe! Or if you’re as excited as I am you can reach out to me and maybe even make a show of your own!

Public Service Announcements

I wanted to talk a little more about my series of videos called Public Service Announcements.

Jus' like my good friend Peggy Shaw, I've stumbled across some pretty big things that we all Need To Know. So I thought I'd get a gang together and make some fun videos to tell everyone about them!

Tammy WhyNot’s Public Service Announcements (PSA) is a series of videos that features individual artists, community groups, and health professionals who share advice on how to stay happy and healthy as we age. Working closely with three groups – Vogue Chi in Margate, Candy’s Dance Stars in London and Older Women Rock in Folkestone, I created videos about sexual health and taking good care of your pink guitar; trying something new and stepping outside of your box; letting go and going dancing and learning to love your lines as you get older.

And here’s a little taste of my channel: