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Whynot Workshops


Ever wanted to be on stage? Share your story? Make something?

Whether you’re a seasoned performer, singer, poet or artist, if it’s always been your dream, or never crossed your mind, WhyNot Workshops give the tools and toys to make the things you never thought you could make, and say the things you always wanted to say.

These workshops offer an opportunity for elders to explore methods for creative expression, draw from their own experiences, and discuss the issues which affect all of us as we get older.

Creative Hostessing

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Learn the WhyNot way to make folks feel welcome

Tammy prides herself on her Southern hospitality -- and she's got a whole box of tools to help people become the hostess with the mostest.

Creative hostessing workshops are designed to explore ways to engage the public - in spaces, conversations, ideas - whilst disrupting ideas of hierarchy and 'institution'. Activities include developing your own alter-ego, facilitating discussion and encouraging curiosity.

Tammy in the House

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"Home is wherever I lay my handbag..."

From museums and art galleries, to care homes and universities, Tammy has been "in the house" in sites across the UK, US and the world.

Tammy uses these opportunities to sit awhile and get talking to people - as part of her own research into what she Needs To Know, or just to find out what folks are thinking.

Catch sight of a stray pink feather? Flash of bleach-blonde? Tammy's In The House!