“Hi there! My name's Tammy, and this is where I tell you what I’m up to. Get in touch, get involved, or just go explore! Come on down to a Tammy show or tune into my YouTube channel. Come on in y’all, we’ve got a lot to talk about...”


Tammy WhyNot is a trailer park survivor who gave up a career in country music to become a lesbian performance artist!

My Pink Guitar is Tammy's latest single about sexual health and the importance of keeping your guitar in the pink. Healthcare providers often view sexually transmitted infections as something that only happens to young people. This is based on the assumption that older adults are less sexually active than their younger counterparts. Well apparently, that’s just not true! And that’s good news! But the bad news is that since 2000, the number of STI's has steadily increased among persons aged 50 years and older. So Tammy wants you to be careful out there and as a reminder has released this new single!

Tammy WhyNot’s Public Service Announcements (PSA) is a series of videos that features individual artists, community groups, and health professionals who share advice on how to stay happy and healthy as we age. Working closely with three groups – Vogue Chi in Margate, Candy’s Dance Stars in London and Older Women Rock in Folkestone, she has created videos about sexual health and taking good care of your pink guitar; trying something new and stepping outside of your box; letting go and going dancing and learning to love your lines as you get older.

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