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My name's Tammy WhyNot, and I’m a trailer park survivor who gave up workin in country music to become a lesbian performance artist, and a YouTube sensation of the nation!

This here is my page that the kind folks of Split Britches helped me set up, and boy do I have a lot I wanna share with you! First off - I’M BACK! I took some time to lie low in 2018, get involved in politics, spend time with friends, support Lois and Peggy, and recharge for a big ol’ relaunch. And now it’s time for me to refocus on what’s most important to me - talkin to y’all, y’all talkin to me, and y’all talkin to each other! Otherwise known as COMMUNITY!

I know I’m a little ahead of the game but I’ve already got my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions/Intentions/Desires all ready to go - I’m getting a jump on them and starting now:

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What a lot of this boils down to is my YouTube Channel.

That’s where I’m gonna be putting a lot of focus and attention - and I hope you join me for the ride (and maybe even make a video or two that we can feature)! I’ve got another page on this site that’ll tell you a little more about the YouTube channel (you can find that here) - or just hop on over to the channel and subscribe!