Salad of the Bad Café (1999)

Salad of the Bad Café is a postmodern cabaret inspired by Carson McCullers’ novel Salad of the Sad Café and the lives of Tennessee Williams and Yukio Mishima. The play begins in 1945, a period of confusion in postwar Japan and the American South. A cast of characters who represent race, gender, and regional stereotypes include the drunken homosexual writer, the mutant refugee, the geisha, and the faded southern belle. The piece combines poetry, visual humor and dance in an attempt to demystify the Queer, disorientate the Orient and demythify the Southern Gothic and the American Grotesque.  Written and performed by Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, and Stacy Makishi.

Footage of the performance can be found here.

More info and media coming soon!