33 ways to start

This manifesto, written by Lois, appeared in The Only Way Home is Through the Show: The Performance Work of Lois Weaver, edited by Jen Harvie.

Ask a question

Just say the word

Exhibit tendencies

Work with what you got

Act on an impulse

Pay attention to accident

Tangle a few stories

Have faith in detail

Perform a fantasy

Embrace your stereotype

Show your slip

Sleep with your enemy

Love the one you are with


Respond to necessity

Exploit eccentricity

Make up a title

Spread a rumour

Do what scares you

Take something apart

Reveal a guilty secret

Ease a pain or two

Facilitate kinship

Follow obsessions

Fall in love with forms

Take a flash picture

Embody your worst nightmare

Develop a persona

Capitalise on mistakes

Listen to your friends

Perform something in reverse

Revisit your obsessions

Do it anyway