Happy Birthday Carson & Tammy!

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It’s our fave country gal Tammy WhyNot's 40th birthday today and boy oh boy has she got some exciting plans comin' up this Summer. Tammy’s given us forty years full of flirtin’, flouncin’ and fairy cakes - and we've loved every second of it! 

For her fortieth year she plans to keep on questioning just about everyone she can find about all the things she needs to know, from how to cook a mean pork chop, to getting old and having sex. Tammy's gonna drag out this birthday as long as she can and celebrate all year with loads of new videos and new content, so a great birthday present y'all could give her is to subscribe to her YouTube channel ahead of its upcoming revamp: https://www.youtube.com/TammyWhyNot_MyChannel

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But the best gift of all would be to help Tammy's great niece, Carson WhyNot Dare, who shares a birthday with Tammy and is raising money for Planned Parenthood. Please donate what you can here.  

Happy Birthday to Carson and Tammy WhyNot!!!